Welcome to our site!

Currently, our family is very busy. We are working on getting the site up and running. Welcome to a new version of our family website. Currently having the design and bugs worked out. Our site should be up and running by early October, 2018. THAT IS ALL! TAKE CARE!

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So What's Going On With Our Site?

  • by Pop October 27, 2018
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Well I hired a developer to recreate the LH site to my specs based on the original site that basically DIED in a server fire with no backup.  (My fault it wasn't backed up). I don't wish to say anything bad about the developer, they did a very good job *mostly* with this. Basically... what you see here. There is however some terribly broken stuff, and things that followed an almost robotic translation of the design requests (like the comment form that posts- well IF it posts- inside a ridiculous comment EXAMPLE that was just an example of a possible comment design.) The archive and category pages are a hot mess and category links don't work in posts as they should. Images are reliant on being (heh!) the ONLY IMAGE in a post despite this being mostly a PHOTO BLOG, etc. Actual paragraphs and ALL formatting don't work.  I honestly don't know HOW you make something as simple as an already working,  fully established blogging engine NOT WORK this terribly. All I needed was the site theme, not a reworking of the underpinnings of WP which has been working for what, 20 years now? Anyway... I'll get things fully working once a new developer that fixes borked up WP sites takes a look at it,  and we'll be back online surely by early 2019! For the record I can do a lot of this myself as I fully designed and coded the original sites. I just don't have the time right now.

Beach Photo Shoot

  • by Pop October 13, 2018
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Because OF COURSE we'd want to only post ONE IMAGE per post!

Where's The Next Image?

  • by Pop October 13, 2018
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Oh, here it is! In a completely separate post. Good thing I prioritized ease of developer effort by relying on the featured image formatting over the logical function of my blog.

This Wouldn't Get Old Fast

  • by Pop October 13, 2018
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Not at all.

And the Next One...

  • by Pop October 13, 2018
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And the Next...

  • by Pop October 13, 2018
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Manhattan Beach

  • by Pop October 3, 2018
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A morning at the beach.  Manhattan Beach, to be exact. Testing from the WordPress Android app.  

Test Video Post

  • by Pop September 30, 2018
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^ Possible to lose the padding on images and posted media? Padding for text is great.

Posts are showing with a default of 1 comment rather than no comments.

Comment page is wonky. All comments showing as one comment and stacking strangely. comment count not working.

Test Post

  • by Pop September 30, 2018
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Posted images are stretched. Image should be edge to edge and in proper aspect ratio. No white margin, appearing like test posts below. What is this mid-banner thing??   Also all pages need proper header and footer-Pages,  archive pages, post pages, comment pages, etc.   Line returns in post text are not working.

Standard Post And Page Layout Without Post Footer2

  • by Pop September 29, 2018
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